Out of the year one of the things I look forward to is when Davin and I go out on the road. These gigs could be down south or out west and always require a lot of driving and this one was no different.

Our drive to the gig is more is more like an hours long argument as that’s what brothers do. We will break up the argument into several sections, we usually start with how much the other guy acts stink, we then move on to the comedy business, then politics, the  radio business, catching up on our comedy buddies , and then usually finish up on how each other stink as human beings.

This trip was different, fun but different. On my end The radio show was a big factor as doing pre production for the I heart show and having to prepare for the regular show the night before a long road trip resulted in little time to pack and less time to sleep.

On Davin’s end he was battling a nasty cold that left him with no voice so much so if we weren’t meeting to go on the road next day the radio show would have been canceled that night.

Picture yourself so sick that you would have no problem calling in sick in a normal day job, but comedy is not a normal job and you can’t cancel a tour. So as sick as he was and with no voice we drive eleven hours to Battle Creek Michigan.

On this drive one of the things that was different, is we did not play two of our car radio games. The first one is the band and song game, you have to pick a band and each time that band is played you get a point , you then pick any bands song and if that song plays you get three points.

Another game that we play in the car is one that we said if ever had a radio show we would use and we do, is “God or lover” a song plays usually a country song, and you have to guess if the song is about god or a lover.

Even though we did not play any games so Davin would not talk to conserve his voice(silver lining) we did fight occasionally about his taste in music, we have to listen to a Celine Dion song but mean while when my  favorite Black Sabbath song comes on he turns the dial !REALLY!.

Our first stop was Fire keepers Casino in Battle Creek Michigan. This was a special gig for us as we were meeting in person for the first time one of our biggest fans and our fourth mike in the chat room Trucker Tom Frey. Tom is a real good dude and my only regret was Pip was not with us as it would have been cool to have all four of us together.

Now as much as it was good to see Tom, we had a score to settle with him as well. On Davin’s Den we have games and challenges that sometimes have a food or drink punishment involved, in my case it was “The Fat Horse Challenge”. In Tom’s case he made a bet with Davin that he could not get a video chat with our scammer Belinda.

Davin got the video chat and Tom had to pay up, his punishment was two shots of hot sauce with a two minute break in between so he could have a sip of a beer. We have the whole thing on our video page, check it out as you can see the delight on my face as it was revenge for Tom putting time limits on the fat Horse Challenge which eventually had me go down in defeat.

Tom was a trooper and took his punishment like a man, it was so cool to meet and hang with him.

Now for the comedy show, the first show was great and I nailed my set, Davin then goes up and it is apparent that his voice is straining.  

Davin and I bust each other’s balls  and fight and argue, but we are close friends and I felt awful and concerned for him, so much so that I commented to Tom that he was witnessing in person the rare moment that I have concern and compassion for him. As soon as I said that Davin comments to the audience that the reason his voice is all rough and croaky is because he blew me on the way to the show. After that comment I hoped his larynx would shoot out of his mouth like a Coo Coo clock.

The second show crowd was not buying into me, and as my watch or digital recorder did not set I had to pull teeth and wonder how long I was on stage. Davin or “Old Croak Throat” got up and had a great set, if I knew that’s what it took I would have gargled with sand.

Next up was a six hour ride to the Kewadin casino in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, which is French for way fucking up there, nice place but everyone up there was in there nineties.

I told Davin I wanted to walk in the casino room dressed as the grim reaper and start telling people “you want to gamble? I’m gonna start calling off random names and were gonna do a conga line into eternity”.

We have a buffet dinner before the show which looked like a diner break in the movie Cocoon. Davin had the audacity to leave the buffet with three cookies and the codger at the counter started to berate him that he could not leave with them. I immediately told Grandpa that I was hiding gravy in my draws and was going to make break for it.

The show that night went well, the audience was mostly youngins from twenty to sixty. The only fly in the ointment was the Emcee, Emcees on the road tend to stink and this one was no different, it was a local radio DJ who was about as entertaining as a colonoscopy.

He then gave me an into,, I’ll put it to this way, Saddam Hussein was dragged in front of the tribunal with a better one.

Next was a six plus hour ride to Philips Wisconsin where on the way we almost hit a deer. A deer has a pea brain, but the look on his face as he was in the middle of traffic he knew he fucked up. He was not hit or hurt but you know he had to dunk his ass in a stream to wash all the shit off of his tail.

The gig in Philips was one of the most fun shows I ever had. Before the show the owners were presented and award for their work in the Wounded Warriors incentive. In addition there were three Purple Heart recipients in the audience. I have never been so proud and honored to perform in front of an audience as I was that night. Davin and I both knocked it out of the park and the show was a big success.

Before the show a women came up and told Davin she would like him to meet her daughter and take her back to the hotel, shocking enough the daughter was a knock out and a very sweet girl. Even though Davin is a creep, he is a good loving loyal husband and was a gentleman to her that night. As for me, I as was rip roaring drunk and showing Wisconsin how alcohol abuse and Karaoke is done at the Compound.

The last night of the tour was in Marinette Wisconsin. We meet the owner of the club who was an attractive looking cougar of a women who was highly inebriated as well, think of Dean Wormer’s Wife from Animal house.

The show went off without a hitch, until a women fell through her chair and Davin had to pull her out.

The audience was really nice, so much so a patron gave me some candy to give to Davin to ease his throat. I was about to give the candy to Davin when I read the label and it stated  it was medicinal Marijuana candy from Canada,  I kept it instead as I’m not about to waste it on stupid, No my Brother you got to get your own.

We go to get paid and we have to wait because a bottle fell off an over head rack and hit a Bar tender in the head. As we were watching, the drunken owner is trying to figure out what to do. If the Bar Rescue guy was outside he would run in and start yelling at everyone and shut the whole place down.

The next day was a fifteen hour run back to Davin’s and then a total of seventeen hour trip for me once I got back to Long Island.  

I am looking forward to the next Davin’s den tour as Davin and I head to Nevada and points out west in February and I will keep you posted.  





 There was a study released by Reuters earlier this month on Comedians. In this study by the British journal of Psychiatry they said Comedians among other things demonstrate moodiness, social introversion, and the tendency to lateral thinking.

The report was posted on Face book, given to me by my Wife for me to read to show me why she is on the way to being my ex-wife, and I brought the copy with me to show to my therapist who in typical therapist fashion asked me what I thought. You would figure at what she charges an hour she would have some ideas as she has been listening to my antics and back story for over a year.

What do I think??? I think the study is pretty much spot on. Before this study came out many there has been many a conversation in a Comedy club greenroom on why we do what we do and why.

Let’s break down the basic premise of what we do.

What normal person would get in a car, drive three hours one way to talk from fifteen minutes to an hour to talk in front of total strangers to get their approval and in my case try to hide in the corner when the show is over so I don’t have to meet with people because I am not good in social situations.

That’s crazy  but a lot of us are like this.

I am not a social person and I like to keep to myself. With the exception of the compound I hate parties, I do not like weddings, crowded bars or anything with a large amount of strangers.

I also do not celebrate special occasions I do not celebrate my Birthday, or Christmas ( yeah I know I am Santa) or rarely smile in pictures.

I also can be somewhat moody as well just ask anybody that knows me.

However I love to go on stage and make people laugh it’s that feeling that is the drug that takes away the pain that has lead to a lot of these traits that comics have.

For a lot of comics this drug is what will do the trick, for other tragic comics this drug is not enough and they need to go farther to drugs of a different nature and we have  tragically lost or almost lost some of the most  brilliant comic minds that were out there. 

We had the gentleman who conducted the study, Professor Gordon Claridge of Oxford University call into our show.

 The chat room said he was boring but he is an Oxford Professor not Rich Vos. I found him fascinating as he gave us an insight on the study.

Pip asked the professor some great insightful questions as well , they would have been more well received if she had read the write article LOL.

My take on some of the symptoms is this

A tendency for Anti social behavior- As we are locked in our own world we create things around it and then observe what drives us to be anti social and then go on stage and report our findings to an audience.

The laughter we get in return is the silver lining and pay off and what keeps us  in our anti social tendencies.



                                    The end of an era


This year will mark a very big event in my life, as of this year I have lived in the same place for fifty years, that’s right a half century in one place.

As I write this blog I am sitting in my office which has been my office for Nineteen years, thirty one years prior to that it was my bedroom.

My bedroom carried a lot of memories, I remember my first bed, the time when I was sick one Christmas and all my Christmas presents were in my room, I also became a man and lost my virginity in that bedroom.

My walk in closet to anybody else is just a closet, but to me it was the place where my Mom woke me up and brought me to show me our cat and the first litter of kittens she had.

When I am at the kitchen sink looking down at it, I remember looking up at it wondering if I would ever see over it.

The driveway was where I learned to ride a bike and then years later I would pull into it with my first car, then my first new car.

The patio was a place where memories were made. I have a picture with My Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle and cousins, and in then twenty four years later in the same spot with Joanne and her family.

One weekend in August of nineteen ninety two My Aunt, Uncle and cousins came over again and it was a great day, my Mom was just retired and did not get to see my Aunt and Uncle much and she remarked to me how happy she was that day.

The next week my Mom was gone. I found her in the kitchen. The coroner said she died from an aneurism. She was only retired for thirty seven days but at least she died in the home she loved.

When my Mom died  the house in disrepair I rebuilt the place, even quit comedy for five years to do it and In October of nineteen ninety six two days after I deemed the renovation completed I carried my bride Joanne through the front door.

This was the front door twenty eight years earlier where I was told my Dad was dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound.  

It’s amazing how much happiness and sorrow has been through this house with Holiday parties with my in laws to the department of social services trying to take me away from my Mom.

I almost sold the place in ninety seven but Joanne convinced me to stay she wanted to raise a family here. But unfortunately that family never came.

 Fifty years and I miss all the people that filled the place with memories and now most of them are all gone, My Mom, Dad, Grandmother, In-laws, the people that were the catalyst of making a house a home.

The final event in all of this is the ending of my marriage, after eighteen years we are calling it quits. We have had some great memories here which have been tarnished by the resolve that we cannot continue as a couple. It’s sad but it happens and is what it is.

After fifty years I am leaving.The house is going on the market in July. I have mixed feelings about it but I am not a young man anymore and my schedule with the show and comedy keeps me too busy to keep on top of it any more.

Now is the time for a new family to come and live their life and make their memories, for me the ones made in this place have been mixed.

And with these mixed feelings I don’t know how I will react the last time I walk out the door, will I be an emotional mess? Or will I just drive away?

Fifty years is a long time you know.




In January I shared a picture on Face book that showed cartoon of a soldier in world war two under the caption of the greatest Generation. In the caption the soldier said I sacrificed for freedom. Opposite of that was a cartoon of a modern day occupy Wall Street looking type   holding an Obama Forward sign. In the caption it said the lamest generation. 

Davin commented on the following below.

That cartoon clearly portrayed the "Greatest Generation" as fighting for our country as soldiers. It clearly tried to display the current generation as a bunch of slackers living in their parent's basement. I guess that is easy to do when you are drawing a cartoon or you have not met the fine young men and women who went to war for this country and have given so much.


 Davin’s comment above is correct somewhat, however he is incorrect that it is not supporting the modern day service men and women that put their lives on the line for our country every day. And also our veterans that come home and need and deserve our support. If the photo showed a modern day soldier with the caption “The lamest generation” then that is off the mark and not true.

The caption was meant to show the generation of the United States then compared to now.


Below is my rebuttal to Davin’s comment.     


The generation that was raised in the eighties an Nineties were raised that everyone is a winner and everything has to be fair and they have a sense of entitlement.

The greatest generation were Immigrants that came here and loved this country and wanted to assimilate in the culture and not expect everyone to be tolerant of them. The native language was only to spoken at home but English was to be spoken always outside of it.

 They did not come here and try to get on government programs or illegally they came here to be citizens and they fought and died because they realized that this country was the greatest in the world and you could be anything you wanted if you worked hard to get it.

These people were hard working and had the tenacity to leave their old world and come here.

 It was this stock of people that it took to rally together as a country and defeat an evil enemy.

These people of this generation instilled this love of country and hard work into their children of the 50's .In the 60's and 70's, it started to get diluted granted and rightfully so as Vietnam was a big factor in this.

In the eighties and nineties the children were raised not to take after school jobs that parents thought that were beneath them, they were given medals for coming in last and they no longer said the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of the day in school. They in essence have little patriotisim, no work ethic and a sense of entitlement. And will be the first generation that will fail. The greatest generation was raised in the depression and had nothing and weren’t coddled and still believed in this country, and when we were attacked rallied together, nobody was afraid to call Nazi ideology evil we as are afraid to call radical Islam.

Earlier in the day Davin brought up incorrectly that I discounted our service men and women that have served us now. They are a special breed of brave and patriotic people that deserve our respect and help when they return to civilian life.

 What I am talking about are the occupy Wall Street and I can’t Breath groups that don’t have a clue how to be accountable for one’s self. There are allot of kids in their twenties and thirties that complain about not finding a job, well ask Grandma or Grandpa or even their great grandparents they will tell you that there were no jobs in the depression but they found a way.

For the people of this generation that are insulted by my comments and say they are hard working, I say bravo and I say Rally your generation to show that the stigma put upon you is not true and you will rise to be the greatest generation ever.

This country is far from perfect but it is the best deal in the world, and if this new generation doesn’t learn the work ethic, the sense of relying on yourself instead of the government, and a patriotism and love of country we are doomed.


                                             SMOKEY SMOKEY

Of my many vices and antics, the one vice I would like to get a grip on is smoking.

I actually started smoking when I was sixteen because it was the cool thing to do. As much as people don’t want to admit it, smoking looks cool. James dean looked cool, the Dice man looked cool, Uma Thurman looked cool in Pulp Fiction, the reason they have those gross anti smoking commercials is to make smoking not look cool.

Nobody starts to smoke for the taste, they taste horrible and by the time you want to stop the nicotine fix has got you, you start to smoke because of fitting in with your peers and the cool factor.

As I said I started smoking when I was sixteen and I quit when I was twenty. I also did it when I was running a fence carpentry shop while we were in season and I was busy and stressed but I quit cold turkey. The reason was, I did not want to smoke anymore and I loved to run and wanted to do that more and lose weight.

From nineteen eighty two until two thousand and seven I did not smoke, twenty five years smoke free.

What happened?

Well, in two thousand seven I was a year away in my plan to go full time into comedy and take the leap that everyone of my peers and close personal friends have taken. Due to unseen circumstances that plan was curtailed as well as my first shot in an acting career. The result has been in a position during the day that has since left me in a deep depression.

I am not complaining, nor am I am looking for sympathy as every waking moment I work to change that, but none the less the depression and frustration is there.

Compounding the situation for past three years my marriage as a lot of people know is on the rocks and is on the way to coming to a close.

So where do I find comfort from this? Drinking? Well don’t let the compound pictures you see on Face Book fool you, yes I am drinking beer and Jack on the rocks until sunrise but that is not all the time and frankly I don’t really drink besides those parties.

Drugs legal or otherwise??,,, absolutely not.

What gets me through this? Cigarette time  or as we say in the band Race Odyssey “Smokey, Smokey”. Yes gang, what gets me through the tough times is a pack of Swisher Sweets Strawberry cigars or Marlboro Black 100’s.   

I do want to quit as the way my luck goes, as soon as my career hits I will drop dead from cancer.

But here is the difference of quitting versus back then, thirty two years ago I wanted to quit, my problem now is I like to smoke. I look forward to it on the way to work, at lunch, on the way home, after a set at the club, during a break on the Den, at Band practice which is essentially a smoke cloud with music coming out of it.  

I know smoking is bad it makes me wheeze, upsets my stomach, and is expensive. When I started when I was sixteen a pack of smokes was Fifty Five cents. You can’t get matches for that now.

After this past holiday, I decided I was going to quit or cut down drastically. Here is what happened.

I had my “last” cigarette, I then proceed to have a day from hell and then the daily depression sets in being in a place where I do not want to be.

I am still holding strong, the last straw is getting a call from my oil company telling me I owe two hundred fifty dollars more than the huge check I just mailed to them at lunch.

That’s it I went to Seven Eleven and got myself a nice new pack of Marlboro black 100’s to calm my ass down.

On the way home I am beating myself up for falling back on smoking.

As I pull up to my house I see signs all over my Lawn that the” Mosquito Squad” has been at my  house and sprayed and I need to stay away.” Who the hell is the Mosquito Squad”??

 I didn’t ask the Mosquito squad to come by, to add to this my stupid neighbor starts  busting my balls as to why I asked the Mosquito squad to come.

 I then told him one more word out of him and he is going to need the police squad to come. Go in your house and shut your face stupid.   

The answer to this is my ding rod Wife who is now going to have a Mosquito Squad sign sticking out of her ass when she gets home.

Mean while to calm my ass down I have been smoking like a diesel train.

As a matter of fact I need one now.

Well tomorrow is another day, wish me luck Smokey, Smokey.



Should I kill myself, or mow the lawn?

As you may have heard on the show we make a lot of in jokes about my life off the show and do not go into much detail.

 Truth told I have a lot going on in my personal life and after my hiatus for a month last year I have learned to keep it at the door.

The show, my comedy career, and my band are the only things that keep me going.

As Sunday was free of all I was dwelling on the other things going on in my life and I felt that the only alternative was to leave it  , or cut the lawn.

I found a beam in the Garage that should hold my weight and figured a good strong belt would work wonders.

I got the ladder and started to size things up, I spent about fifteen minutes staring at the beam wondering if I should do the lawn first, after all you want everything just so.

I then stopped and went and had a smoke on my porch and thought, and thought.

The main thing I thought about was my Father. You see my dad when I was six lost his job and then one Saturday morning grabbed my dog and they both never returned, what happened? My Dad decided to carry forward the decision I was facing today and took the dog with him.

You see when you make a decision like that you make it to end your pain, or make it to be a Nobel cause,doing the world a favor  of not being around anymore.

But the real deal is this action will affect the people in your life long after your life is over.

My Father in his note wrote that he failed, he did not.

 He also wrote that My Mom would remarry, she never did and carried the torch for him until the day she died.

He also wrote that the insurance money would take care of us, it lasted two years.

I was the last one to see him alive and I was grilled over and over as to what I saw.

I thought at the age of six I was too young to have it affect me, wrong again, I have recently discovered that I have had deep emotional scars over this.

There were witness that saw my Dad carry out the act that ended his life and I can only imagine the scars they must have over what they witnessed that day.

Now in my case if I decided to carry through with this it would be to end my personal pain.

But what you have to realize what pain you would cause to the people you don’t intend hurt.

My wife, who even though we will be getting separated would have the devastation of this throughout her life which I would never, would wish on anybody.

Friends that may have thought that they may have been a cause of my actions would also always ask that question even though they were not.

Do to my first hand experience I realized to end one’s own pain would cause enduring pain on friends and family , I don’t know about Davin though, he would probably have Larry Defelice  behind the mic the next show.

I then thought about people I knew personally, having watched them battle cancer and fight with all they had only to lose the courageous battle.

I thought about friends losing their businesses, their spouses whatever and keep keeping on. I also thought about our friends in our chat room who are going through their own problems.

So if you are ever in that position call someone, see a priest, call your therapist do what you have to do to get help it’s not worth the alternative.

By the way, the lawn looks great. 




                                        I AM GLAD I CUT THE GRASS

I was not planning on writing the bog I am writing now. I was looking for something that was going to be the topic in the documents section of my computer when I found the blog I wrote last year on this very date titled “Should I kill myself? Or cut the lawn?”

What a difference a year makes, this time last year I was at the lowest point in my life. I realized that after a twenty year relationship my marriage was over and I did not how to come to terms with my wife that it was. I also felt trapped and suffocated by it with no way out.

That day last year I was fifteen minutes away from calling it a life. I sat down and had a smoke and decided for many reasons it was not the way to go.

All the details from that day are on the blog section of our Davin’s Den page.  That day was a haunting day for me, but a milestone day as well because it forced me to focus on the positive and start to change things for the better. If you know anyone that is in that dire situation get them help I was able to turn around, many like my Father were not. And things will get better, it’s not just words.

Shortly after that day I did address our situation with my wife and we did agree that we do care for each other but we can no longer be husband and wife. A lot of things were said and disclosed by each of us, but the weight that was lifted off of my shoulders was tremendous and that weight was the catalyst for my depression.

I also renewed something that I had and lost, If not for it I would be nothing right now. It is the most precious thing in my life and has showed me how to live it again and I will never let it go.

This time last year I was smoking a pack a day of Marlboro black labels. I never thought I was going to be able to quit, I did, and cold turkey. I have not had a cigarette or wanted one in almost nine months.

My play which I and my partner Cammy have been working on for twelve years “The Weight of the world” has been a labor of love of ours but stalled. Even though it was finished we did not know where to take the next step. We found that person and we film the teaser video next week.  

Even watching my friends has been inspirational as well. Anthony Cumia was co-host of the Opie and Anthony show for just about twenty years and on July 3rd of last year he was unfairly fired from Sirius XM over tweets that were not connected with the show.

He got a raw deal, but a month later he rose from the ashes. He started the Anthony Cumia show and his own network as well. In this past year the show has become a huge success, grown leaps and bounds, and they are weeks away from a second studio in New York City. 

I witnessed last night another reason to follow your dreams, Last Night I went to a club to watch these phenomenal musicians from a pod cast show called Band Geek play.

My long time friend and band leader Joe Cumia had played with them on their show as well. Also in attendance was our Idols from Blue Oyster Cult, Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma Roeser.

I have been a roadie for Joe and then his keyboard player since 1978 and in the course of those years there was a Blue Oyster Cult song that Joe played and mastered called “Bucks Boogie”. It was one of Joe’s signature songs that he would play at a lot of our gigs .Literally for decades we used to sit and say wouldn’t it be cool if you ever got to play it and go note for note with Buck Dharma. I watched it last night. To Watch Joe and Buck playing next to each other and trading licks was surreal and amazing at the same time. I was so happy for Joe and I know that’s one off the bucket list. 

As for our radio show I hope to see the same dreams, Davin, Pip, and Myself work hard and we have had, and still have obstacles in front of us, but we believe we will get there.

Dreams come true if you work hard enough and don’t back down and don’t give up.  

 Life will hand you bad breaks, but please know in those low points there is hope and it will get better just keep going and follow the best path that will take you to happiness.

I am glad I cut the grass that day a year ago today.




Fighting the Enemy within: aka could I just eat my lunch?


Several weeks ago I posted this meme on my Face Book page one morning and then went to the day program. I went on line at lunch and below I was treated to the following below from Sensitive Sam.  

One small mind, one tiny dick, one giant asshole.....oh, wait, maybe this kind of personal attack should be left out of politics. Disagree with her for what you think she stands for, but leave this kind of hateful shit out of it!


My friend responded below,

You are the one of the reasons America is "PUSSIFIED”!! Dude... it's a joke ~ not a personal attack.. It’s also the opinion of a Comedian ... do you know how to laugh?



Somebody else with common sense responded,

Hateful shit?? Jokes are Jokes. Someone called the PC police


Sensitive Sam responded with this,

I guess because it was shaming "jokes" like this directed at one of my daughters that drove her to attempt suicide and I decided not to let these kinds of comments go by unaddressed. I guess it's because I DO care who becomes president. And, btw, would it bother you to know that I'm not bothered by you throwing around the word pussified even if you do it all in caps?

How in the hell is this Directed at one his daughters, she is not running for President this is the reason why people like this have been destroying lives, jobs and free speech from an agenda that is not  part of the topic.


He then continues

Actions have consequences...intended or not...and as the saying goes about good intentions... The artist has the right to draw it, Joe has the right to post it, y'all have the right to laugh at it and I've got the right to express my opinion of it. I enjoy irreverent humor with the best/worst of 'em. This is where I make my stand. That's it. Peace out. Drop Mic. Stomp off stage.


Stomp of stage,, stomp off a cliff, I had to go to the bank at lunch but instead I had to sink both fangs into Sensitive Sam with this


Sir, you are the problem as to why our freedom of speech has been taken away. People like you are the enemy within in this country. You are why people are losing their jobs for the right to their opinion.

 Hillary Clinton is nothing more but an out for herself, carpet bagging shrew that cares nothing about the people she wants to represent. If you are upset please be more upset of her lackadaisical response to Benghazi and her erased emails, in addition all the money she has raked in from speeches and appearances while claiming poverty.

As a Father of two daughters you should be more concerned about the false candidates that will shape their future instead of a cartoon caption that covers them in their real light.

I hope between being offended by a caption and defending a lying career politician that you won’t have to explain to your daughters that our generation was the first to fail our great nation that was built on free speech and calling out our politicians when they are for themselves and not the betterment of our country.

In addition I take suicide seriously as my father committed suicide. I hope you have taught your daughter to fight back on bullies and to be tough because it is a tough world.

Worrying about what your daughter might see in a cartoon is doing a total disservice to her. Strong women are made and not coddled ask any single Mother. And if you are raising her on the ideals of Hillary Clinton the cartoon I posted should be the least of your worries.


Sensitive Sam responded with the following

I guess because it was shaming "jokes" like this directed at one of my daughters that drove her to attempt suicide and I decided not to let these kinds of comments go by unaddressed. I guess it's because I DO care who becomes president. And, btw, would it bother you to know that I'm not bothered by you throwing around the word pussified even if you do it all in caps?;)


Thank god somebody with common sense replied to him

Wow... I'm not here to judge what people are offended by. I am just surprised that people can't understand the difference between humor and hate. I also have a daughter and would be horribly upset if she was targeted online, this post is clearly an attempt to be funny and not hateful.

Where Sensitive Sam is getting his logic is beyond me, the Meme was never meant or sent as an attack on his daughter or a reason to commit suicide unless she is lying about Benghazi. Right on to the person above who hit the nail on the head.


BTW BTW,  Joe. You want to see how strong a young woman she's become, read her e-book. It's free

 I then read the e-book,  a quick synopsis,  the young lady had a food addiction was obese and was depressed that she could not live in the city and go to school, but had to commute from Long Island and that lead her to eat more.

 She claimed, her weight, social anxiety, and the stigma of being a commuter kid had sealed her fate of her chances at a college social life.  DOES THIS HAVE ANYTHING REMOTELY AT ALL TO DO WITH THE MEME I POSTED?

 She also mentioned  her junior year in high school ,she had one suicide attempt and a hospitalization under her belt and had been diagnosed and treated for a variety of things such as, depression, anxiety, ADD, bipolar; and weighed over 200 pounds.

This young lady has got the help she needed thank god. But in reading her plight nothing, absolutely nothing was directed at her. I would never post anything if it  was because that is bullying.

In addition I feel a little uneasy even discussing this girl’s plight because I feel it is personal matter; however the Father wanted to make an agenda about it, and her story is online.

Before you read my response to Sensitive Sam here are a couple of things to know about me,

 I have battled weight all my life (just see the latest Race Odyssey photo I gotta hit the gym again).

 I had a 42 inch waist when I was twelve, my father committed Suicide when I was six and I was one of the last people to see him alive before he ended his life twenty minutes later.

 My Mom then commuted to the city to work for twenty four straight years for her to die suddenly thirty seven days after she retired.

When I was thirteen child services wanted to remove me from my mother as I was a Latch key kid.

When I was in high school there was a girl that was younger than me and was suicidal and I wrote and spoke to her and told her how she had so much to live for. She is now happily married and has a beautiful son.

Now that you have the preamble, on to my response to Sensitive Sam.

Your Daughter seems like a nice young lady, but as somebody that has battled weight all my life (I had a 42 inch waist at 12 years old) I have no sympathy, you are carrying on as obesity is a disease, sorry it is not, this another case of us all having to understand and not hurt anybody’s feelings because they have no personal responsibility or self control to themselves. And you seem to have been there and seemed to be an enabler to the problem.

 But we all have to understand, Pussification is the correct term that was used earlier in the day why?? Because there is now a culture in this country where everybody is sensitive and nobody wants to be accountable for their actions. This culture is built on weakness and not strength, or accountability for one’s self. It is also lending itself to censorship which is dangerous because people like you on the sensitivity agenda our dangerous and cost people their lively hoods. When Russia and China take us over in several years show your story to them.


Sensitive Sam then replies to me, Please note I did not call the daughter Chubbsy ubsy, stupid Dennis helping, just deal the cards.

Okay. So let me get this straight. She faces her demons, takes control of her situation loses nearly 200 lbs and creates a wonderful life for herself all with my loving if imperfect support and that makes me an enabler and I stand up to this vitriol to try and make a point without backing down and that makes me a pussy all so in the name of comedy somebody can get a laugh out of (erroneously) calling my daughter "chubbsy ubsy"? Got it. I do apologize and thank you for the insight. Good luck


BTW I know that the point of comedy IS to be disturbing and sometimes to offend. That's what makes people laugh. "It's just a joke" is an apology. "You're offended? Well, my job here is done." is the real answer. This cartoon has a lot o flaws and does offend and rather than get so F'n paranoid that somebody doesn't agree with you about it, accept that they are making a valid point and just communicate that to some degree the offense IS the point. There is no argument against that. Getting personal and treating disagreement as the coming of the Antichrist is just plain ineffective. I'm not an idiot I have a sense of humor and appreciate what comedy is about. I just make the point about this kind of personal attack approach in honor of my daughter's pain and success. What's really funny here is what a ruckus that caused here



Again somebody with common sense follows up below

I'm still stupidified by the inability of some people to grasp the intent and context of when a comedian makes a joke. Instead they decide it's some form of personal attack on them or a loved one. When they do that it comes across that they have such a poor self image, they look for any excuse to blame others for their plight. In bringing their shortcomings to the party, looking for sympathy from those around them, they justify their outrage instead of looking in the mirror at the enabler of issues they won't face.

I then finished up with this.  

The personal attack on your Daughters pain and success was never part of the cartoon, was never intended to be and would never have been brought up at all if it wasn’t for yourself righteous misguided agenda.


When I was young I asked my Mom if she was afraid of anything and she responded people with no common sense.

As an adult I can see how dangerous people like this can be.

Because of their misguided agenda they cost careers, I have seen two personal friends be the victim of this, we now can’t express ideas because somebody is going to be offended.

As much as Davin does not like memes, political statements like the one in the meme have been a staple in this country for over two hundred years.

It is very disquieting that I had to debate someone in regards to a misguided agenda but not the actual meaning at hand.

I invite anybody that reads this to stand up to the underlying cancer that is permeating our society which is the loss of free speech and the right to it without the loss of a job or the opportunity to get one due to someone’s self righteous agenda.

Okay I am going back to lunch, and I think I will skip desert.




In classic rock magazine this month they dedicated most of the magazine to the most amazing records that were ever released on vinyl.

A lot of bands are releasing a lot of their music on vinyl. There has been sort of a comeback to vinyl records. I think a lot of these people were not around back in the day. I think vinyl records stink and I am so glad they are gone.

I used to go to Modell’s back in the day, yes that Modell’s, they were a department store before selling all sporting goods.

I would go with the $7.50 I saved to get the new Molly Hatchet record. All I would think of was their new kick ass tune I have been hearing on the radio, “Flirting with Disaster”.

I would go in, get the record with the cool warrior guy on the horse, ride my bike as fast as I could to get home, and crank the album as loud as I could before my mom got home from work.

The magic moment would arrive and the needle would drop on the record and the first song would kick in “I’m traveling   down the road and I’m flirting with, I’m flirting with, I’m flirting with, I’m flirting with.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO, IT’SSKIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back on the bike two miles back to Modell’s, back to the record department where the guy plays the record  and says “ It plays fine here”  really does it??Well, I guess I will get all my shit and move into your store because back at the house there’s a problem.

They give me a new album I ride two miles back home put the new record on the turn table and,, I’m flirting with,  I’m Flirting with, I’m Flirting with.

With digital it is a thing of the past, record aficionados will say that analog Records have warmth that digital does not. 

In the beginning in the mid eighties analog records sounded a lot warmer than digital which sounded very thin but as the years progressed they sound as warm as any record.

In addition, remember the first CD you bought that you had on vinyl. You would here things that you never heard on Vinyl version. Or the firsttime you heard music on a CD at all. I was dating this girl who had Heart’s new CD at the time “Bad Animals” and the sound just blew my mind.

I am a major Genesis fan I bought an album I had for years on vinyl “Wind and Wuthering “and just to hear the intricate parts without pops and scratches is amazing.

The one thing that I miss in regards to vinyl records are the album covers and the liner notes, as well as the booklets that came inside. My fondest memory was when Elton John’s “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy” came out. The album was phenomenal but the album cover, the liner notes, the inner cover, and the booklet was just as important as the music. The whole thing was just an experience. I have the album on CD and it is not the same, and it kind of sucks that a whole generation will never experience something that was so integral to the music.

Also sad is the demise of the record store, I remember when I was a teenager working with my Mom down on Wall Street in Manhattan, there was a record store that I would go to every day at lunch and plan what I would get on pay day. Friday I would go and blow my paycheck on some amazing music. Which are now in crates in my basement.

Yes I know how easy it is to down load music and you can get it sitting in the comfort of your home and have it immediately. But the experience of looking through bins, seeing the new releases in the store window, the whole thing was an experience that has been lost to a new generation.

Please don’t think I am being a codger , if you don’t think having an IPod the size of a pack of matches and the thing can hold every record you ever had isn’t the greatest thing in the world then you’re nuts.

I don’t miss Vinyl, I do miss album covers and if anyone out there misses eight track cassettes they should have their head examined and have to listen to their favorite song fade out in the middle,  then hear a “THUNK” when the track changes and then the song fades back in, I’m sure. Just as the artist imagined.

But I guess it’s better than I’m flirting with, I’m flirting with, I’m flirting with.

Damn,, back to the store.


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